[Video]: Female Pastor Preaching With Nipples Out

This female preacher named  LaTascha Emanuel…the owner of LaTascha Emanuel Ministries preaches with her boobs out and men are flocking to her church. She’s based in the US.

On one part she seems to be good at preaching, on the other part her body is preaching another thing altogether. I wonder what her congregation would be focusing on whether her bodily appearances or the Word.”

Download Video Below


5 responses to “[Video]: Female Pastor Preaching With Nipples Out

  1. TThis lady (wt her so-called husb) is a jezebel demon in human form. Dont be deceived. The Holyl Bible rightly said that the Devil has transformed himself into angel of light, and that we shall know or recognize his agents by their works. She’s under heavy curse and in codemnaton for using Christ’s holy name ad platform to seduce earthmen. If u are in her congregation or her fan, and u dont want to go to hell wt her, flee from her now to a true gospel minister.


  2. this woman is insane,I pray that GOD should have mercy upon you.preaching Christians to Hell?woe to you,and those of you believers falling this trick of devil


  3. she is showing that she is hot and sexy I really wonder if the congregation listen to with those boobs out because of the small skirts that she wears she will automatically give anyone who need it.Nkt!!


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