[HEALTH TIPS]: Dangers Of Sleeping With Your Mobile Phone

Mobile phone emits microwave signals of 900 MHz.

These radiations may damage your brain
Cause headache, muscle pain, sleep problems and more.

Most experts agree with the warnings to avoid sleeping with a cell phone under your pillow.
Study shows that sleeping next to your mobile phones are extremely dangerous due to its harmful radiation.
The “under the pillow” angle of cell phone radiation is just a subset of a larger discussion on the topic of cell phone radiation in general.

Cell phones pump out electromagnetic radiation whenever they’re on – which means sleeping with one nearby boosts your exposure all night long. CBS wrote
It has been reported that an alarming number of kids sleep with a live cell phone under their pillow and text their friends in the middle of the night. Stated LivingFuel.com.

A study by International Electromagnetic Field Collaborative recommends that:
Parents should not allow their children under the age of 18 to use mobile phones except in emergencies, or to sleep with cellular phones under their pillows.

Steps to reduce cell phone radiations:

Keeping cell phone few feet away while sleeping.
Use headphones or Bluetooth connectors.
Using speaker instead of talking directly into the handset.
Text instead of talking.
If you are using your phone at night for its clock or alarm features, consider putting it in “airplane mode” (it suspends the phone’s transmission functions).

Create awareness.

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