Miley Cyrus Rejected By Lamar Odom At Wild Los Angeles Club

Miley is always the life of the party, and doesn’t mind taking anyone on the party train! However, on Oct. 30 Lamar reportedly had ZERO interest in going on a wild ride with her. But why?
Worlds collided on Oct. 30 when Miley Cyrusand Lamar Odom were both spotted separately partying with friends at Beacher’s Madhouse in Los Angeles, Calif. It reportedly didn’t take long for Miley to notice Lamar and she decided to extend an invite to hang. But unfortunately, she didn’t get the answer she was expecting!

Lamar Odom Declines Miley Cyrus’s Invite to Hang
The more the merrier, right? Well, not according to Lamar Odom!
While the “Wrecking Ball” star and a couple of friends were having quite a blast at Beacher’s Madhouse, she figured it would be rather nice to invite Lamar over to her section to chill — given the woes he’s been dealing with —
“Miley invited him to come smoke and hang with her,” says an insider. But even though Lamar’s a nice guy, he (smartly) decided to reject the singer.

“Lamar didn’t want to be next to Miley and for rumors to fly,” the onlooker says.
That’s understandable from Lamar’s point of view — especially with the troubling rumorssurrounding his marriage. With all the attention on him, there’s no need to add fuel to fire. At the same time though, we would have liked to see what would have happened if Miley and Lamar partied together.


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