Chinese Doctors Discover Dandelion Flower Growing In The Ear Of A 16 Months Old

Chinese Doctors made another unusual discovery when a child complained of pain in her ear, only to find out it was a 2cm long Dandelion.

The 16 months old girl cried of pains and itches in her ear canal and had filled the whole canal, which, would have caused her a lot of damages.
For 4 months, the girl complain of an earache without attention from her parents.
But the parents said that after they noticed it was getting serious and causing discomfort for their child, Mama had a look in the ear and found something. After failed trials to remove it, she went to a doctor in a hospital at Beijing China. That was when the flower was discovered in her ear.
The Doctors say the dandelion had grown 2cm long grounding its roots in the walls of her ear canal and has dangerously filled up the canal and any slight pressure to the ear could risk internal bleeding. Due to humid and warm environment of the ear had ecouraged the growth of the Dandelion.
Other occurences similar to this were: An English woman who had flesh-eating worms in her ear, a woman from China with a spider living inside her ear.

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