How Lesbian Prostitutíon Booms In Lagos

Lagos with its cosmopolitan nature can best be described as ” The Saddom and Gomorah” of Nigeria, everything and anything is possible in Lagos. This article by PM News is an eye opener and a must read for our young girls, we must save our generation from total annihilation. Homoséxuality and lésbianism is a crime against humanity.

Beautiful girls, rich women, money, expensive cars, strip clubs, luxurious hotels —the secret séx trade, exclusive only to women, is now big business in Lagos State, southwest Nigeria, P.M.NEWS has revealed, after intense undercover research.
Like in a secret cult, only the initiated understand its cryptic language, esoteric ways, séxual benefits and financial rewards.
For those involved in the bizarre trade, it was discovered during investigation in Lagos Mainland and Island, lésbianism is not new.

Most séx workers with secondary school education agreed that their involvement in the salacious act dates back to their boarding school days when they were initiated by older girls.
Back then, it was just casual séx by girls in their puberty. Today, lésbianism has become a trade, a big but hidden business in the Lagos metropolis. Dozens of prostítutes informally interviewed during this investigation gave a rare insight into the usually hermetic world of lésbianism in Lagos and the trade now associated with it. The youngest lésbian prostítute P.M.NEWS met for this article was 16 years old. Most of them were in their early 20s.
Many get involved through seduction. Some are influenced or initiated by friends who are already in the séx trade and have contacts and connections in high places , where women are ready to exchange cash for pleasure. “I was introduced to lésbianism when I was in secondary school.
I was in a boarding school in Benin, EDO STATE” says one of the lésbian prostítutes who introduced P.M.NEWS team into the strange world of lésbian prostitutíon in Nigeria’s most populous city. Now a student at the University of Ado Ekiti, the Edo State indigene, shuttles between campus and clubs, hotel rooms or sleek houses in Lagos most weekends to have séx with rich women. “I have to be in Lagos on weekends because that’s where the business pays well.

Sometimes, I travel to Port Harcourt, but most times, I come Lagos. “I already know how it works here in Lagos. I have a lot of contacts in the strip clubs and I have a lot girls who are into the business and they refer women to me. But it is better to meet the woman yourself because if she is rich, the other girl will not refer you to her, she will take her herself,” she says.
During an outing in Lagos four weeks ago, she remembered with nostalgia, how a rich man once approached her for his shy wife and paid her big money. “She was shy, she told me. She wanted a girl that night but she could not come to the strip club and her husband picked me for her. “The husband left us in the room upstairs. He was having some drinks downstairs and watching TV.
He later came when we were almost done and gave her a peck. He asked her if I was good. She didn’t answer. She just gave him a peck and smiled,” she said. She admitted that sometimes, she services men, but added, “It’s better to do it with a girl. She knows how to make you come and she cannot transmit diseases to you.”
There are also risks, she admitted. She remembered how she was approached by “one rich woman with a British accent. “I agreed to follow her. However, when we got home, there were two other ladies waiting for me. She did not tell me I would be having séx with three women. But I had no choice. I was already there and I did it.
I just renegotiated the amount,” she said. This new trend of prostítution is fast spreading among teenagers, but is not restricted to them. The high and mighty in the society are involved. Other less fortunate in life are also involved in their level. Tribe or religion is no barrier. P.M.NEWS was introduced to some lésbian prostítutes who claimed to be Muslims and others said they are Christians.
There were also others, who perhaps, due to the effect of alcohol, did not know which religion they practice. Unlike the ordinary séx trade between men and women, those involved in the trade said they do not stand by the roadside to meet patrons. Patrons and séx workers usually meet in some of the strip clubs in Lagos, exchange contacts or leave straightaway for their escapades.
Rich women are involved mainly for pleasure while the workers are in it for money. “It’s about connection. One person introduces “one person to another and it goes round. They are able to identify themselves through compliments like;oh! I love your legs. You have sweet b00bs. You look beautiful,’” another lésbian prostítute told P.M.NEWS in a strip club during the investigation. She added: “They also wink and look seductively at you.
If they get a good response from you, then they know they are with the right person.” She says some possess a high level of courage. “They can walk up to any lady they find attractive as long as the environment is safe for them.” Other prostítutes argued that society women in Lagos who are involved in the trade are very caring. “Especially if they find you interesting, in the sense that if you are able to make them reach orgasm. They will give you a special treatment such as take you for shopping and keep you as partner even after séx. They can then buy you a car or rent you an apartment,” one of the séx workers said, echoing what was heard from others in their business.

The payment for services rendered is determined by quality service offered by the prostítute. “It could be sucking their private part or the ability to creatively use your hands to please them,” a séx worker said. The excellent use of vibrators and a good massage can put one worker at an advantage position. The fees start from N15000 a night and can reach N100,000 in some cases.
The amount dwarfs by far what is paid by men, which starts from N1000 or N2000 depending on the area. The ghettos are no exception to the trade but the price is relatively poor, it was discovered. It varies between N2000 and N5000. One séx worker explained that even though the trade is based on connections and recommendations, there are special places where it is easy to get hooked with lésbians. Beauty salon, luxurious hotels, swimming pools and expensive shopping malls were mentioned. Married women are also involved.
They woo girls in need of money, including their friends’ daughters. Married women in the trade claim that their husbands are either not good enough in bed or too busy to attend to their séxual needs. “They tell me their husbands do not satisfy them or are too busy and they can’t cheat with another man without being suspected,” a worker told P.M.NEWS


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