Sir Russell 9ja, A Video Director To Watch Out For!

A fast raising super Video director com Video editor SIR RUSSELL 9JA, knight in Charge of MASSIVE FILMS 9JA Who was the genus behind the final craftsmanship on  BLACKFACENAIJA’S recent Video (blackfacenaija ft G-heart – This love is forever) ……. BLACKFACENAIJA WAS A FORMER MEMBER OF THE (PLANTASHUN BOIZ). Also SIR RUSSELL NAIJA is said to have a quit unique and amazing way of translating musical videos and movies alike. Sir Russell 9ja is also the wizard of OZ behind the fast raising musical star DILLY DANTE from Enugu state with videos of Song – dante – darling and most recent a pre-video of the HIT song RUPEPE…. we all await in anticipation for the final video to the hit song RUPEPE which we know would be filled with Sir Russell’s Spell catching effects…. SIR RUSSELL WAS RECENTLY SITED ON AN EMIRATE FLIGHT HEADING TO DUBAI….. We activated our reporter in Dubai to get a story from SIR RUSSELL and SIR RUSSELL, who expresses himself very well verbally gave us an insight of what he was doing in Dubai UAE…. 

He said, as quote. I am here, cause i have heard the country is beautiful and would be very suitable and rich with outstanding locations for musical videos and movies alike… Sir Russell respects and has mentors like CLEARANCE PETERS, MAD MAX, MR MO MUSA ALSO FILM BOYS…. Sir Russell said he has a lot to learn and hopes for God to grace is knowledge to learn very fast. Sir said now it is possible for an up coming music artist to shoot a world class video in DUBAI. SIR RUSSELL SAID HE HAS NO COMPETITION WITH ANY OF THE DIRECTORS LISTED ABOVE FOR HE HAS A LOT TO LEARN FROM THEM.


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