U.S. Spy Drone Crashlands Into A Building In Ibadan [Read More]

An unidentified flying object crashed into a building in Ibadan, Oyo state, and is believed to be a US drone, the Sunday Tribune reports.

Considering the registration number, TX 5803, inscribed on a black battery under the craft, a source said the space craft must have taken off from NASA base in Texas in the US, stating that the battery attached to the spacecraft powered it and enabled it to move around so that it could do the bidding of those who sent it.
Though many aviation sources said that the object could be a device used in espionage, another source, however, believed that the craft was a “nondescript aviation device”.
The craft, which was said to have dropped down from the orbit, flew into a toilet in the house of Ashipa of Awotan, Chief Tajudeen Adetoro, a few minutes after his grandson, Afeez Adewale and daughter-in-law, Adikat, left the toilet where they had gone to answer the call of nature.

According to Chief Adetoro, the mysterious aircraft forced itself into the toilet through the roof making deafening sound, saying it could have killed Afeez and his mother, if it had met them in the toilet.
The spacecraft, with a product number QR X30, has four stands and a rounded compartment housing its engine. It has a dry cell battery, USB drive, a censor and cables, while each of its stands has a two-way roving fan mounted on them.
The residents of the sleepy community said that the object was not a toy due to the fearful noise it made and the way it flew about, adding that it could be an explosive.

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