“Beyonce Stole My Idea” – Kanye West Roars Over Beyo’s Visual Album Success

Kanye, stop being mad - Beyonce hit it first!

Kanye, stop being mad – Beyonce hit it first!

Kanye West is obviously not a huge Beyonce fan any more. The rapper is alleged to be bitter over the singer’s massive success of her latest visual album and according to a close source, “he wanted to do a visual album for his Dark Twisted Fantasies’ album but was convinced it was shitty idea.” Or is he just mad that him and Kim Kardashian were strangely left out of Beyonce’s mom Tina Knowles star studded birthday bash?

Beyonce’s surprise album has sold nearly 1.5 million copies so far meanwhile Kanye’s Dark Twisted Fantasies’ mini film has sold fewer than a million copies despite critical acclaim . According to RadarOnline, “it’s hard for him to watch her [Beyonce] album do so well because he claims he had the idea to do a visual album first!” an insider reportedly revealed to the site that “Kanye is feeling really defeated over Bey’s album doing so well.”

“He wanted to do a visual album for his ‘Dark Twisted Fantasies’ album, but everyone around him convinced him it wouldn’t work,” the insider explains. “That’s why he ended up doing one long movie to go with it [the 35-minute short film, ‘Runaway’].” So now, says the source, “He’s super-focused on moving forward. He’s working so hard to come up with something that will eclipse Beyonce and put him back on top.”

Now that the mix of songs and music videos on Beyonce’s album has proved a successful formula, “He’s kind of annoyed, but he doesn’t want to talk about how he came up with the idea first because of how he got slammed for saying he invented leather jogging pants a few years ago. Plus, he needs to stay on good terms with Jay Z.”

However, fiancé Kim Kardashian “is pushing him to do something major too,” the source disclosed. “He might do something like a huge free concert or a free album to get himself in the headlines again, and for a good reason.” But in the meantime, is he angry that himself, West and Kardashian were noticeable no-shows at the celeb-studded birthday bash for Beyonce’s mom, Tina Knowles, this weekend?


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