Two Hausa Men Allegedly Murders Man At Onitsha [Photo + Details]

The man in the above photo was killed yesterday morning by 2 Hausa men at Upper Iweka Onitsha Anambra State Nigeria.

According to one eyewitness account at upper Iweka Onitsha, a worker with ANSTA, the traffic/transport law enforcement group set-up by Anambra State Government, has just been killed inside a truck by 2 Northerners, the driver and his conductor.

The eyewitness account said it is a Dangote truck and are drivers for Dangote group. The account has it that the truck driver apparently committed an offence and was arrested by men of ANSTA. On insistence that the truck must be taken to ANSTA office, the ANSTA operatives asked one of their men to join the truck driver and his conductor, so as to lead them to ANSTA office. On their way, the two Northerners killed the ANSTA operative (pictured here) and tied up his corpse inside the truck.

Unknown to the 2 Northerners, a commercial motor-bike operator had trailed the truck from Ihiala area where the arrest was probably made and gallantly double crossed the truck and raised an alarm at Upper Iweka road after suspecting what had transpired; And the fact that the truck took another route which doesn’t lead to ANSTA office. On raising the alarm, Some concerned people sought to know what the problem is. Behold, the corpse of the ANSTA operative was discovered and the truck set ablaze by irate Onitsha men. As at time of this report, the irate Onitsha men had started attacking Northerners in Onitsha in reprisal attacks and it hasn’t been confirmed if some deaths has been recorded apart from the slain ANSTA operative.


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