CAUGHT IN THE ACT: Husband Drags Pregnant Wife To Court For Having Sex With Her Boss

A 34-year-old man. Dele Ojo, has dragged his wife, Mubo, to an Ado-Ekiti Customary Court in Ekiti State seeking the dissolution of their 10-year marriage over alleged adultery.

He told the court he wanted a divorce as he could no longer tolerate his wife’s high level promiscuity.
“I went inside but the door was locked from behind, and when she later opened it, I saw my eight-month pregnant wife coming out with another man she claimed was her boss.
“There was another occasion when my wife told me she was going to cook for her brother whom I never knew or met.
“I took time to investigate who the person was and was surprised to know that it was her concubine. My wife has always told me point blank that none of our children is mine.”
He recalled the bitter experience of the day his wife locked their children outside to “enjoy” with her lover.
“I therefore pray the court to dissolve our marriage,” Ojo said.

The alleged promiscuous wife refused to show up in court. The president of the court, Mr Joseph Ogunsemi, adjourned the case till Feburary 24 to give her a final chance before judgement.


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