Nigeria Won’t Break Up, Even if President Jonathan Lose in 2015

Second Republic federal lawmaker Dr. Junaid Mohammed on Monday dispelled the fears that Nigeria would break up if President Goodluck Jonathan was not allowed to have a second term in office in 2015.

“It is unfortunate that Ezeife, who witness the Biafran war orchestrated by his kinsmen, which claimed over one million of Igbo people, should be beating the drums of war today. It is, therefore, clear to all that the man has lost touch with reality and is merely playing to the gallery for selfish motives.
“People like Ezeife are perpetual political opportunists in the Nigerian political arena and should be ignored especially when they fan the embers of ethnicity and war in time of peace such as we have in Nigeria.”Junaid said Nigeria has gone beyond the stage of disintegrating on account of Jonathan’s ambition…

The political commentator said Nigerians should ignore the likes of Chukwuemeka Ezeife and Asari Dokubo.
It would be recalled that Ezeife has said that aggrieved Niger Delta militants would blow up all oil facilities and in Nigeria and challenge the future existence of the country.
Mohammed said: “My candid advice to Nigerians is that they should ignore him because he does not have a good sense of history and does not speak for anyone in Nigeria.”


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