Beyonce’s New Album Titled ‘Beyonce’ Goes Double Platinum (Read More)

Beyonce’s latest self titled album,Beyonce, reaches double platinum status according to Billboard.

Beyonce, “Beyonce” – No. 72 – The diva’s most recent release crosses the 2 million sales mark, as “Beyonce” sold another 4,000 copies in the week ending June 29 (bringing its to-date total to 2,003,000). It’s her fourth album to sell 2 million copies, following her “Dangerously In Love”debut (2003; 4.9 million), “B’Day” (2006; 3.4 million) and”I Am… Sasha Fierce”(2008; 3.1 million). Her only studio set to sell less than 2 million is 2011’s”4,”which has shifted 1.4 million.

Nice one bey!

Source: Billboard

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